'Guardians of the Earth' documentary launch

On May 31st, the independent art-house film distributor W-film, will launch "Guardians of the Earth" in German cinemas.

"Guardians of the Earth" is a startling documentary about climate change and the rescue of our species. Director Filip Antoni Malinowski turns the revolutionary 2015 World Climate Conference (COP 21) in Paris into an electrifying political thriller.

In just eleven days, 20,000 representatives from 195 countries in Paris agreed on the first global agreement on climate change. This behind-the-scenes documentary gives a unique insight into the process, and is  a testimony to the most intense conflicts of interest: rich and poor, victims of profiteers of climate change.

The documentary is mostly in English, with some parts in German and French. There are German subtitles throughout. 

You can see the full list of cinema screenings on the website: http://wfilm.de/guardians-of-the-earth/kinotermine/. It will also be screene in Switzerland. 

Watch the trailer here >

Premiere in Bonn

The premiere took place in Bonn on 23 May, with the director Filip Antoni Malinowski, Vandana Shiva, Greenpeace, Misereor and the German Institute for Development present. 

In Bonn "Guardians of the Earth" will be regularly screened from the 6th of June.

You can find more information at http://guardians.wfilm.de/.

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