The new IFOAM Standard Committee has been appointed

The IFOAM Standard Committee is the technical expert group that works on the development of the IFOAM Standard. Following a call for nominations published in March, a new IFOAM Standard Committee has been appointed.

The committee is now composed of the following members: Reza Adakani (Iran), Stephen Barrow (South Africa), Paul van den Berge (Switzerland), Mahesh Chander (India), Jan Deane (UK), Sarah Hathway (UK), Miles Mc Evoy (USA), Dani Neifeld (Israel), and Dimistris Sotiropoulos (Greece).

The committee will be working on the revision of the IFOAM Standard over the next 3 years, under the broad strategic guidance of the World Board and in consultation with the membership of IFOAM-Organics International. 

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