New organic and regenerative agriculture courses launched

Our world urgently needs organic solutions to address its environmental and social challenges - and we need highly-skilled people to help achieve this change. That's why we are launching a fresh round of training courses that can help you gain the practical skills and knowledge you need to further your career and support the organic movement.

Organic Leadership Courses

Take your career to the next level with our Organic Leadership Courses! This course gives you the skills you need to become an organic leader. With 10 webinars and 2 face-to-face sessions, it's a unique opportunity to network with likeminded professionals from around the world and learn about the Organic Value Chain, Institutional Management, Communication and Advocacy, and more.

We're launching 2 new Organic Leadership Courses in 2019. Click below to find out more and apply to join the courses:

Regenerative Agriculture Course

For the first time, we're also offering a special one-week course on regenerative agriculture in February 2019. You'll learn about the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture, integrated farming, cropping and livestock, farm design and management, the world of regulation and policy, and much more - all led by a team of expert trainers. The application deadline is 2 December.

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