Join us in the UK for a to learn about Regenerative Agriculture

Join the regenerative agriculture community and strengthen your own knowledge and understanding!

Co-create with a network of peers. Share with and learn from expert trainers in the field of regenerative and organic agriculture development. Gain an understanding of the concepts and complexities of truly sustainable regenerative practice.

At IFOAM-Organics International, we believe that all farming systems supporting our 4 principles of health, ecology, fairness and care, are part of a broader community of practice, working together towards the vision of a sustainable world.

In the spirit of collaboration and with the vision of Organic 3.0, we are proud to partner with 42 Acres Retreat (link is external) in offering this unique training course.


• History, definition, and principles of regenerative agriculture
• Regenerative agriculture practice
• Integrated farming, cropping, and livestock.
• Farm design and management
• Farm to Fork: market and food systems
• Support networks and structures
• Regenerative agriculture in the world of regulation and policy


This course is aimed at providing both experienced practitioners as well as those who are new to the sector a comprehensive understanding of the principles underpinning regenerative agriculture and food systems.

Practitioners could be farmers, farm managers, agricultural advisors, specialists and professionals working in the organic agriculture sector, or service providers in retail and processing. Actors in the private and public sector, as well as non-profit and civil society organisations are equally welcomed. We aim to give a both a bird's eye view of the principles, as well as a practical deep-dive into farming practices and approaches aligned with organic and regenerative agriculture systems.

If you are an organic farmer looking to improve or increase your sustainable farming practices, this could be for you.

If you are already focusing on regenerative farming approaches but need a better overview of principles and philosophies, or if you are an advocate/lobbyist for truly sustainable food production or farming, then this short course would be the ideal way to broaden your understanding. If your company wishes to increase its offering of sustainably produced products, this course could give you exactly the kind of understanding you would need!

We would like to see a diversity of practitioners join this course. Regenerative and organic systems are by their nature cross-disciplinary and multi-faceted, and bringing people from different disciplines together, enhances the value of the learning and sharing!


The course is held at 42 Acres retreat centre in Somerset, England. The venue practices regenerative agriculture principles through its 'soil to gut' food philosophy, which you will experience through the highest quality and delicious food served during the course.

The peaceful location surrounded by wild meadows and ancient woodland create the ideal environment for a most enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience.You should arrive at 14:00 on Monday, 4 February 2019 and the work sessions will end at 12:00 on Friday, 8 February 2019.

Learn more here. 

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