Launch of New Agroecology Position Paper and Event Highlights at the International Green Week

This week commemorates the 84th annual International Green Week, or International Grüne Woche, (IGW). Set in Berlin, Germany, the IGW brings together global representatives of the food, agricultural, and gardening industries to discuss renewable resources, organic agriculture, and the future of sustainable rural development. The IGW is also pivotal for the global policy arena, with more than 200 secretaries of state and ministers making an appearance at the event. Conversations covering key topics relevant to all things green will take place through a series of over 300 seminars, forums, committee meetings, and conference sessions.

New Agroecology Position Paper

Title page of Strengthening Agroecology Position Paper

18 February 2019 Article Update: An English version of the position paper Agrarökologie Stärken, entitled, Strengthening Agroecology: For a Fundamental Transformation of Agri-Food Systems, has now been published. Please find it linked PDF icon here.

Today, January 18, marks the launch of Strengthen Agroecology! (Agrarökologie stärken!), a position paper on the benefits of agroecology and the potential to maximize it, endorsed by numerous civil society organizations, including IFOAM – Organics International. Recent years have seen a groundswell of support for the international agroecology debate, with more and more organizations, associations, governments, and citizens acknowledging that industrial agriculture, long the status quo, is no longer a viable, long-term option for the industry because its effects have shown to increase water scarcity, species extinction, and soil degradation. Using a bottom-up approach, the paper proposes that local communities and citizens can play a pivotal role in shaping the agroecological dialogue to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable industry. Download the position paper (in German) here.


Event Highlights at the International Green Week

Citizens interested in delving deeper into this paper and the topic of agroecology are invited to attend the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation’s conference session Strengthen Agroecology! For a forward-looking Policy and Practice (Agrarökologie stärken! - Für eine zukunftsgerichtete Politik und Praxis), which will address the question of how to reduce negative environmental impacts from agricultural practices while concurrently increasing agricultural productivity, and how to create an environment in which agroecology can blossom. To mark the occasion, a representative of Sikkim, India, the 2018 Gold Prize winner of the Future Policy Award, has been invited to speak at the conference session. The 2018 edition of the Award was co-organized by IFOAM – Organics International, the World Future Council, and the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and promotes exemplary legal frameworks and policies targeting expanding agroecology.

On the heels of this event, a collection of farmers, animal rights activists, and social justice campaigners, ranging from bakers and chefs to beekeepers and consumers, have organized the large-scale demonstration We are Fed Up! (Wir Haben es Satt!) for noon on Saturday, January 19, to coincide with IGW. We are Fed Up! presents ordinary citizens the opportunity to engage in the promotion of agroecology and stand up for climate justice, animal welfare, and sustainable farming.

Our Executive Director is at the International Green Week!

That same afternoon, Executive Director of IFOAM – Organics International, Louise Luttikholt, is among the speakers of the Green Party’s Europa a la Carte! What will we eat tomorrow? (Europa a la Carte! Was essen wir morgen?) event, who will discuss what a robust agricultural system should look like and what steps the European Union can take to align agricultural subsidies with environmentally-friendly objectives.

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