VI Global Conference on Family Farming

This week, from March 26-29, 2019, the World Rural Forum will hold its VI Global Conference on Family Farming: A Decade to Improve the Lives of Family Farmers in Derio-Bilbao, Spain.

Now in its seventy second session, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 (IYFF+10) in December 2017. IYFF+10 launches this year and will advance the position of family farmers around the world by promoting better public policies and facilitating the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Decade for Family Farming BrochureThe Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 represents an opportunity to collectively achieve stronger public policies for family farming, act as a major force to in implementing those policies, and defend existing policies. It seeks to put people ahead of special interests and to build a better future in both our rural areas and cities while ensuring the worth of family farming is understood and recognized.

The VI Global Conference on Family Farming serves as a preparatory event to the official launch of the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028, which will be held from May 27-29, 2019 at the FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. Both occasions will contribute to the process of building a solid, multi-stakeholder and participatory agenda for the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 at the regional, national, and global levels.

IFOAM – Organics International recognizes the essential role of family farming and smallholders in food production and sustainable rural economies. Organic agriculture based on the scientific discipline of agroecology has proven effective in achieving ecological, agronomic, and socio-economic intensification for smallholder farming. It can help strengthen social structures, develop innovative networks, and promote entrepreneurship.

IFOAM – Organics International is a member of the World Coordination Committee (WCC) of IYFF+10, the international committee that campaigned to establish the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028. The WCC is also comprised of representatives from: ROPPA, PAFO, INADES INTERNACIONAL, COPROFAM, RELACC, PDRR, AFA, ASIADHRRA, SEWA, UPA, AFDI, NZYF, OXFAM, ACTION AID, the National Committees of Madagascar, Costa Rica and Nepal, and the World Rural Forum. WCC member organizations will present a report on IYFF+10 at the VI Global Conference on Family Farming to more than 200 government officials, agrarian organizations, NGOs, rural development associations, National Committees of Family Farming as well as cooperatives and research centers from five continents.

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Brochure: PDF iconDecade of Family Farming 2019-2028

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