Organic 3.0 conference at the Goesan World Organic Expo

The Goesan World Organic Expo in Goesan County, South Korea drew 1.1 million visitors over 3 weeks, from 18 September - 11 October 2015, and culminated with the conference Organic 3.0 - Visions, Trends & Innovations for True Sustainability, where the discussion paper entitled Organic 3.0 made its debut.

Participants of the Organic 3.0 Conference

The event Declaration committed to empowering individuals and communities toward holistic achievement of best practices leading to health and prosperity for current and future generations.            

The conference  brought together numerous experts to examine how the organic sector can and should evolve to meet the challenges of sustaining human society in an ecologically and socially responsible way. Their insights are enshrined in the conference proceedings and their slide presentations are available as follows:

Organic 3.0 Perspectives & Approaches

Making Our Case - Demonstrating Impact

Making Technical Innovations Common Practice

Linking with Like-Minded Movements and Engaging Consumers

From Niche to Mass Conversion

Organic 3.0 Framework

Organic 3.0 Infrastructure

Organic 3.0 Network

Organic 3.0 Implementation