Best Practice Community

IFOAM - Organics International recognizes these FOUNDING MEMBERS of the Best Practice Community as leaders in embodying and spreading best practices. They are real-world examples of how organizations can work toward manifesting the Principles of Organic Agriculture, attaining true sustainability in farming and consumption. We appreciate their vision and dedication and collectively share and promote their increased influence and capacity to serve.




Newly forming in late 2015, the Best Practice Community is a place where organizations can showcase their efforts to embody and spread best practices, and where they can collaborate to lead the organic sector forward.

Joining the Community happens when an organization: 

  1. Endorses and ascribes to the Best Practice Guideline for Agriculture and Value Chains (also referred to as the Best Practice Guideline).
  2. Commits to transparency in and about their activities.
  3. Is accepted through peer review by other members of the Community.

People and organizations participate in the Community for:

Learning, Exchange, and Collaboration – to find new ways to work together and manifest the Principles of Organic Agriculture. The Community benefits from coordination with TIPI and SOAAN.

Demonstration – To show what they do individually toward manifesting the Principles of Organic Agriculture;

Leadership – To collectively show the way forward for the organic movement globally and regionally, and to contribute to the development of Organic 3.0;

Advocacy, Education, and Promotion – To show how organic principles and practices provide benefits to themselves and others, and to identify and link best practitioners to one another.