Organic Trade and Value Chain Development (OTEA)

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Regional trade growth and improved livelihood of rural communities with OTEA 

As a follow-up to the Regional Cooperation for Organic Standards and Certification Capacity projects in East Africa (OSEA), IFOAM is beginning a new project in the East African region in 2015. 

The OTEA project centers on local and regional market-oriented organic production, building on the foundation of the East African Organic Products Standard, the East African Organic Mark, the development of a relevant Organic Guarantee System and emerging consumer awareness. The focus will be the further development of organic value chains, ensuring regional trade growth in order for East African farmers to benefit from the rapidly growing market for organic products.

The overall development goal is to improve the income and livelihoods of rural communities in East Africa through the development of market-oriented organic production. Watch the video here

five interrelated objectives

  1. An Organic Guarantee System in East Africa: A well-functioning and regionally coordinated Organic Guarantee System (OGS) in East Africa and increased consumer awareness and demand for labeled organic products across the region.
  2. Value chain support for local, regional and export markets: Increased capacity of local producers to access and supply local and regional markets.
  3. Policy development and support in the promotion of organic agriculture in East Africa: East African governments, as well as EAC and AU policies, strategies and plans support the organic agriculture (OA) sector.
  4. Development of the organic sector umbrella organizations and the regional Organic Agriculture Network in East Africa: All National Organic Agriculture Movements (NOAMs) have increased capacity and skills to further develop the organic sector and cooperate on a regional platform for Ecological Organic Agriculture.
  5. Documenting the development of the sector and data collection: Increased availability of reliable information and statistics on production, trade and the multi-functional benefits of organic agriculture.  This information will show the potential of Organic Agriculture to provide solutions to the challenges and needs of East Africa


 The African Organic Network (AfrONet)
Burundi Organic Agriculture Movement (BOAM) Burundi Organic Agriculture Movement (BOAM)
 Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN)
 National Organic Agriculture Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU)
ROAM, Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM)
 Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM)


Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA)


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