Participate in the Food Systems 3.0 pre-conference at the 19th Organic World Congress – submission guidelines


How to manifest Organic 3.0? In a 3.0 world, food chains are succeeded by food systems – inclusive societies that continually improve toward best practice based on organic principles and practices, allowing more producers better livelihoods, healthier diets for consumers, and with cleaner, more sustainable ecosystems. The synergy created through favorable policy, more enabling and credible market mechanisms, and heightened consumer awareness comes through the approach of Organic Food Systems. Sustainability works from the farm and local ecosystem outward, rejuvenating communities and strengthening the connection between rural and urban areas and fostering the mutual support and interdependence of value chains.

The Organic Food System Program and Organic 3.0 model transformation based on the 6 features of Organic 3.0 and the 7 attributes of food systems described by the Organic Food System Program. We shall use these as lenses to organize our thinking and discussion.

Submission guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below. You may participate in more than one of the categories below. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. We look forward to a dynamic and enriching event – your participation helps make it so!

Showcase a food system, or Present a paper

Please include at least the following in your description. 1-4 pages only, please. Refer to longer content at this time only through links.

  • Name of presenter(s)
  • Name of project
  • Location(s) of project(s)
  • Description (including history)
  • What you’ll present – Please indicate the title, main points you wish to convey, format and any related equipment you’ll need, and how much time you’d like. Time allotment will be between 5-30 minutes, depending on the proposal and the overall program schedule. We have wide interest by people to present and strive to compose the richest combination for everyone’s benefit.

Be on a panel

Each showcased system and paper will include a facilitated panel discussion where the presenters and panelists can exchange about experiences, challenges, lessons learned, and ways forward. If you would like to be on one of these panels, please submit a brief statement of your interest/intention, including the following, and we shall strive to match your interest with the most appropriate session(s).

  • Your name
  • Organization or other affiliation, if any
  • Related work
  • Specific topics of interest to you

Submit a poster, slides, or video

Please indicate the following, along with the actual content of your submission:

  • The creator(s) of the piece you are submitting – individuals and/or organizations
  • The size of the poster, if applicable
  • The length of the video, if applicable
  • The number of slides, if applicable
  • Any specific equipment or formats needed to show your submission

How to send your submission

Please send all submissions to the attention of David Gould, IFOAM – Organics International Program Facilitator, d.gould [at] In the subject heading of your email, please write “Food Systems 3.0 pre-conference submission”.