PGS Facts and Figures


IFOAM is the only organization compiling data about PGS. In this session we offer facts and figures about PGS around the world, through a map and an online database.

Browse through these sections to find specific information on PGS about your own country or about different areas of the world.

IFOAM has also developed a logo for PGS initiatives that obtain official recognition after an evaluation by IFOAM and the PGS Committee. The PGS that are recognized by IFOAM can be easily identified on the Global Online Database. Are you part of a PGS that would like to be listed in this database? The process is simple and it starts with a voluntary questionnaire for your PGS: the Self Evaluation Form (SEF). The updated version is available in EnglishFrançaisEspañol. You can find also an old version in Português.

Besides being on the database, is your PGS also interested in obtaining official IFOAM recognition and use the PGS Logo? Please contact the IFOAM PGS coordinator at pgs [at]

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