Protecting National Economic Crops via Application of Beneficial Microorganisms to Bio-Control Plant and Human Pathogens in Organic Agriculture (BioGuard)

Reduced agriculture emmissions through increased sustainability

This project was part of the second phase of the Research, Development and Innovation Programme (RDI-2), an agreement between the European Union and the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research, for supporting research, development and innovation initiatives in Egypt.

The project aim was to increase sustainability and competitiveness in organic farms of agro ecosystems in Egypt reducing the global impact of agriculture emissions in a wide range. Furthermore, the project intended to achieve affordable high quality food and maximum economic and strategic crop production from Organic Agriculture in Egypt. In addition, the project aimed at having positive environmental impacts through preserving the fertility and health of the soil and preservation of biodiversity.

In particular, IFOAM's role lied in the organisation and implementation of training and capacity building activities to increase awareness of Organic Agriculture and its benefits and to provide Egyptian farmers with more know-how regarding sustainable practices for food production. This includes the development of locally-adapted training modules. 


The BioGuard project newsletter is available for download. 

Please click here: BioGuard Newsletter

Specific project objectives

  • Production of multiple effective biological control agents and biotechnological products competing both plant and human pathogens, based on results and knowledge generated from the previously funded RDI-1
  • Biocontrol of Ralstonia solanacearum causing potato brown rot in organic farms in Egypt
  • Production of bio-control products in commercial scale
  • Enhancement of technical capabilities of Egyptian agro-food business through partnership with EU partners
  • Production of natural plant biological biocides to control harmful nematode in organic farming with special emphasis to root knot nematode as major pest


  1. Enlarge the potential markets for organic food and improve Egyptian agro-food industry
  2. Improve agricultural practices, methods of production and quality of agro-food-industry exports
  3. Dissemination of sustainable ecologically, socially and economically sound farming practices and awareness raising on the benefits of Organic Agriculture
  4. Improvement of scientific cooperation: promote studies, productions, trainings
  5. Dissemination of knowledge and scientific results among the Mediterranean basin countries


 SEKEM (LIBRA Biodynamic Agriculture Company), Egypt
 The Agricultural Research Center, Egypt


  European Union (EU)  


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