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Support of PGS - Gaining Governmental Support for Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS)

The project “Gaining Governmental Support for Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) was funded by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and was implemented between November 2012 and January 2013. The actions took place on three continents: Africa (Benin, South Africa), Asia (Philippines, Vietnam) and Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico).

IFOAM has been supporting intensively the development and recognition of PGS since 2004, and has achieved considerable progress in terms of creating awareness within the organic movement and among certain government representatives. However, there is a fast trend of countries around the world embarking on the development of organic regulations, despite the weakness of their organic sector and the lack of competence of their administrations, in most cases. This trend leads to legal frameworks for organic that are poorly developed suitable to local conditions and often exclude PGS. This project aimed at complementing the work done by IFOAM to support PGS initiatives around the world, by providing PGS stakeholders with targeted financial assistance in their efforts to gain governmental support.

The project built on two main components:

  1. Encouraging and facilitating direct engagement with decision makers, in coordination with national organic stakeholders, to help them address PGS in their regulation.
  2. Providing updated and accessible advocacy and lobbying tools to be distributed to government representatives (in particular the IFOAM Policy Brief “How Governments Can Recognize and Support Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS)”).

Through this action, IFOAM provided support to various stakeholders in the following countries:

Participation in full-week workshop on organic certification in Benin organized by West African Network for Organic Agriculture Research and Training (WANOART).

South Africa
Organization of two strategy sessions with Participatory Guarantee Systems in South Africa (PGSSA) and South Africa Organic Sector Organization (SAOSO) and advocacy and lobbying seminars. Registration of the PGSSA and the PGS Organic logo.

Provision of support to MASIPAG to organize a two-day PGS Conference in Manila, gathering stakeholders and representatives of local government units in order to address the possible amendment of the law and develop a national strategy for PGS.

Support in the organization of the Vietnam PGS Annual General Meeting in 2012 for approval of the standards and broad participation (creating opportunities for advocacy for PGS).

For the Latin American component, a toolkit for decision makers and PGS stakeholders in Spanish on how to support PGS was developed. See the links below to download the publications.

For more details, please contact f.castro [at] (Flávia Castro) (IFOAM Project Coordinator)

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