IFOAM - Organics International has offers tailored training, coaching and consultancies on the development and improvement of policies that support the development of the organic sector.

We based our curriculum and technical advice on several decades of experience in observing, influencing and assisting the development of policies at the national or regional level, including organic regulations and policies that support the organic sector.

Key resources are available in the form of policy toolkits that advocates and policy makers can use when working on the development of new organic regulations or policies. 

The IFOAM-Organics International team of consultants has provided technical support to dozens of countries in the development of their organic regulations and policies. Our approach is to promote public-private partnerships, whereby the government and private sectors jointly develop national strategies and organic action plans. We provide technical expertise, but also advocate for sound public consultation processes that enable the development of locally-appropriate policy solutions. We can accompany governments in the whole process of national organic strategy development, policy review and organic policy formulation.



We offer tailored training on organic policy issues to policy makers and/or policy advocates. Topics can include:

- Organic Agriculture 101: the basics to understand what is organic agriculture and its market importance

- Reasons for policy support to organic agriculture

- How to develop a national organic action plan

- Organic guarantee systems and the need for an organic regulation (or not)

- Possible policy measures to support organic sector development

- How general agriculture and food policies impact the organic sector

- Practical tips for organic advocates

- International policies regulating organic trade: how to access international organic markets

- Policy strategies to boost organic exports

Our training curriculum combines a variety of training formats, including presentations, video projection, group work, individual and collective exercises and guides collective discussions.

If you are interested in our training offer or would like to receive technical support on policy-related matters, please contact the ogs [at] ifoam.bio for more information.