Busangwa Organic Farming Association

Contact: Paul Masalu, busangwainfo [at] yahoo.com

P.O. Box 808 Shinyanga,

Tel/fax: +255 282 762 079/ +255 282 762 079

Association of cotton farmers headquartered in Tanzania. Grows and sells high quality organic lint cotton, chickpeas and sunflower products. Community-based farming association BOFA's vision is to become a world-class producer and exporter of high-quality cotton lint and chickpeas.

Inades Formation Tanzania

Contact: Mkurugenzi Mtendaji, Alphonse Katunzi, inadesfo [at] yahoo.com (inadesfo(at)yahoo.com)

PO Box 203 Dodoma

Tel: +255 262 354 230

Inades Formation is involved in different aspect of development including in providing training in organic farming.

Kilimo Hai Tanzania (KIHATA)

Contact: Nelson Adamson Mahango, kilimohaimadeke [at] gmail.com (kilimohaimadeke(at)gmail.com)

PO Box 1414

Tel: +255 755 304 596

Training in Organic Farming Practices

Mbingu Farmers Association

Contact: mocoatz [at] gmail.com

Village of Mbingu

Mbingu Farmers Association (MOCOA) was established in 2004 by a small group of organic cocoa farmers in Mbingu village.