General Standard Terms and Conditions

The following General Standard Terms and Conditions apply to orders placed directly on

1 Scope

IFOAM processes the order in accordance with the General Standard Terms and Conditions valid at the time the order is placed. 

2 Entering into the contract

The contract is in force when payment of the contract is accepted by confirming the details of the order and submitting valid credit card details. This order confirmation contains all the relevant information necessary to process your order.

3 Your right to rescind

(1) You may rescind from this contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods by the intended recipient without justification. Notice must be given in writing or by returning the goods.

(2) Goods that have been opened cannot be returned. The right to rescind the contract is forfeited by opening the goods.

(3) Always ensure adequate postage is provided for returned goods, and include the credit card receipt with the returned goods. Goods without sufficient postage will not be accepted. We expressly reserve the right the charge you for any additional expenses incurred in the process. See also the Return policy (Link).

4 Delivery

We have the right to make partial deliveries. No additional expenses shall be charged to the customer under these circumstances. 

5 Costs

You will receive your desired products with a receipt of your credit card payment (in Euros). Special requests (such as express shipments) are billed separately. Prices are subject to change.

6 Customs

When goods are exported outside the European Union, duties may be levied. Customers are responsible for the payment of any customs charges.

7 Terms of payment

The only payment method accepted in IFOAM's bookstore is credit card payment. The following credit cards are accepted:

(1) VISA

(2) Master

(3) American Express

If you cannot pay by one of the above credit cards, please contact the IFOAM Head Office to arrange an alternative method of pre-payment . IFOAM will only deliver prepaid goods.

8 Value-added tax

The price listed does include the current value-added tax (VAT). Currently, 7 % VAT is included for publications, both for the print or download version. 19 % VAT is added for merchandise.

In the event your organization or company is located in an EU country (except Germany) and you can provide a VAT Number, please send your order including VAT No by email. We will check the VAT number and process your order "offline". 

9 Withdrawal

If a supplier no longer provides the goods ordered despite a contractual duty to do so, and we are not responsible for the resulting inability to perform over an extended period, we have the right to withdraw from the contract. In case of withdrawal, we will inform you immediately of the unavailability and reimburse you for payments already provided.

10 Consumers' rights, liability

(1) If the goods are defective upon delivery, we will provide a remedy for the defects or a substitute delivery. If the remedy or the substitute delivery fails, you can demand that your payment be reduced or that the contract be nullified at your discretion.

(2) Our liability for our own faults and those of our legal representatives and vicarious agents is limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply to the violation of essential contractual duties or a lack of promised features. Liability as stipulated by the Product Liability Act applies notwithstanding. 

11 Data protection

The data needed to process the order are stored under strict adherence to current legal stipulations and only passed on to associated companies or third parties if required to complete the processing of the order. All personal data is treated confidentially.

See IFOAM's Privacy notice 

12 Applicable law and venue for the settlement of all disputes

(1) The stipulations of German law apply expressly and in every contractual relationship. 

(2) The venue for the settlement of all disputes resulting from your order is Bonn, Germany.

(3) We also have the right to press charges against you at your general venue. 

(4) The ineffectiveness of any stipulation(s) does not affect the effectiveness of the contract as a whole or on the General Standard Terms and Conditions. 

13 Scope of use

(1) IFOAM has exclusive rights, especially copyrights of exploitation and use, to the contributions, articles, photos, etc. made available to users.

(2) Users have the right to use this material under copyright privately and save it on the random access memory of their computer. This right includes temporarily saving the material for private purposes on a computer or screen. Users only have the right to make copies (such as printing websites or other material) for private purposes or for their own information. Furthermore, users may only use the material they download for private purposes. These rights only apply if copyright notices, brand labels, and names remain unchanged in such copies.

(3) All other purposes (including but not limited to copies for business purposes, permission to use for third parties or processing by third parties for the user's own or other purposes or for publication, translation, processing, arrangements, and other revisions) require the prior written consent of IFOAM.

(4) Users may not remove the copyright notices, brand labels, and other legal reservations in the data. Users are obligated to indicate that IFOAM is the source of the data. 

14 Address

IFOAM - Organics International, e.V.
Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 5
53113 Bonn

Tel: +49-228-92650-10
Fax: +49-228-92650-99
Email: headoffice [at]

Bonn, Germany, June 2014