Call for Partners in SAMCERT Project

ICEA (Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale) and SCI (Sustainable Commodity Initiative) are currently working on a project funded by IFAD called SAMCERT: Strengthening Smallholders' Access to Markets for Certified Sustainable Products. The initiative seeks to use certification as a tool to bring benefits to producer groups in their projects.  One of the roles is to help develop partnerships with the private sector. Therefore SAMCERT is seeking to establish MOUs or Agreements involving certification with the private sector, and standard-setting partners, to jointly develop this commercial relationship with IFAD target groups. This is a real opportunity to leverage the investment and support that IFAD is providing to promote certification and establish positive commercial relationships. Against this backdrop ICEA is now reaching out to the organic movement to find partners interested in getting involved in this process.  Further information can be found here

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