New Study: Boosting Organic Trade in Africa

IFOAM – Organics International coordinated a study about Boosting Organic Trade in Africa – A Market Analysis and recommended Interventions to boost organic trade in Africa, conducted by ProFound and Organics & Development.


The study provides information about organic production, consumption and trade in and with Africa, it discusses the potentials of the organic market in terms of integrity, growth and development aspects such as food and nutrition security and the possibilities for setting-up local/regional organic trade fairs.

It has two parts and aims at:

  1. Developing a comprehensive understanding of markets and consumption patterns for organic products within Africa, and from Africa to other markets; and 
  2. Having available recommended intervention options for actors and decision makers to strengthen the organic market and trade based on the analysis and interpretation of the information received in the first step.

Soon, we will provide market briefs of the five regions and eight countries based on the study. These will be published here as well – we will keep you informed!

Download the study here