Advocacy materials

Dossiers and policy briefs

The African Union Executive Council’s Decision on Organic Farming

 African Experiences in Resilience and Sustainability

UNCTAD Policy Brief on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in Least Developed Countries

Short film "Organic Agriculture: A Good Option for Least Developed Countries".

Organic Agriculture: a Guide to Climate Change and  Food Insecurity Mitigation

The Contribution of Organic Agriculture to Climate Change Adaptation in Africa : case studies

The Contribution of  Organic Agriculture to Climate Change Mitigation

Genetic Engineering vs. Organic  Farming

Genetic Engineering vs. Organic Farming  (français)

IFOAM's Building Sustainable Organic Sectors

What developing country governments can do to promote the organic agriculture sector?

UNEP-UNCTAD CBTF Study: Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa

Conference declarations and reports

The Lusaka Declaration on Mainstreaming Organic Agricultur Into the African Development Agenda

The Nairobi Declaratio fo a Ecological Organic Alternative for Africa

IAASTD final report (2008)

Africa can feed itself

East African Organic Conference 2007

FAO International Conference on OA and Food Security (2007)

Declaration of the Forum For Food Sovereignty, Nyéléni (2007)


The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa will not solve the problem of poverty and hunger in Africa 

Ten reasons why the_ Rockefeller and the  Bill_and Melinda Gates Foundations  Allianc fo another  Green  Revolution will not solve the problemS of poverty and hunger in  Sub-Saharan Africa 

Unmasking the New Green Revolution in Africa: MotiveS, Players and Dynamics

A Green Revolutio for Africa: Hope for Hungry Farmers?

Green Revolution 2.0 for Africa?