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As the Best Practice Guideline states:

"Sustainability is an extremely complex topic. Continued research and innovation is needed to improve production techniques and yields, the ecological sustainability of organic agriculture, and the social responsibility and fairness in its value chains. We must better understand and balance many and sometimes opposing considerations and choices that operators in the value chain must make." 

Recognizing this need for continual improvement on the journey to sustainability, the IFOAM Best Practice Program maintains a growing library of scientific references and related materials on the topic.



The Best Practice Guideline for Agriculture and Value Chains is based on a growing body of thought and evidence in favor and as evidence of organic principles and practices. Compiling this vast library of scientific resources and references is an ongoing effort. Topics are organized in accordance with the the structure and content of the Best Practice Guideline. Click on the links below to go to the page of corresponding references.

We are interested in your contributions, suggestions for additional references, and ideas for building this library. Please contact David Gould, IFOAM Value Chain Facilitator and SOAAN Secretariat, d.gould [at] if you have suggestions or would like to add references.

This component of the IFOAM Best Practice Program is in the process of linking to TIPI (IFOAM's young Technology Innovation Platform). Please check back soon too see improvements.

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