Building Sustainable Food Systems and Capacity for Organic Agriculture Development

  • BOKK project: field visit
    Field visit in DPRK
  • BOKK project: field visit
    Field visit in DPRK
  • BOKK project: field visit
    Field visit in DPRK


In 2012 IFOAM started to implement activities in DPR Korea to assist Organic Agriculture development and capacity building with the goal to improve food security for the people in country. 

The projects are co-funded by the European Commission (EC) in the framework of the EC Food Security Thematic Program.

The activities are implemented as a partnership between IFOAM and the organic stakeholders from DPR Korea. Local implementation of the activities is under the coordination of the Pyongyang International Information Center for New Technology and Economy (PIINTEC), the only currently authorized IFOAM member in DPR Korea.

First project (2012 - 2015): “Bridges for Organic Knowledge in Korea. Building capacity for organic agriculture development in DPR Korea”

In 2012 IFOAM begun implementation of the first project in DPRK. The focus of this project was technical training and knowledge transfer on Organic Agriculture through trainings inside and outside DPR Korea and the establishment of a Capacity Building and Networking Center for Organic Agriculture in Pyongyang. Another important component was the creation of relationships between DPRK professionals and institutions with foreign experts with relevant know-how. For this purpose participation of DPRK delegates in international conferences and organic events (e.g. Biofach China, IFOAM Organic World Congress) were organized.

Second project (2015 - 2018): “Building sustainable food systems in DPRK through organic knowledge dissemination.” 

In December 2014 the European Commission approved the proposal from IFOAM to continue the work in DPRK in another 4-year project. The new project focuses on the broader dissemination of knowledge and is build around an intensive training course for agents of the agriculture knowledge dissemination system (e.g. technical advisors, farm managers, government representatives etc.) Materials and teaching methodology will be developed and passed on to the trainees as part of the course and a first round of replication will be carried out and technically supported in the framework of the project. Other components of the project include the establishment of an organic model farm, institutional capacity building of PIINTEC the local partner organization and nutrition education.

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