IFOAM at the CoP10

The 10th meeting of the parties (CoP10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan from 18th- 29th Oct, 2010

CoP 10 Agriculture related outcomes:

IFOAM delegation:

  • IFOAM World Board members Vanaja Ramprasad and Masaya Koriyama head-up the IFOAM delegation in Nagoya.

Key Messages / Objectives:

  • Highlight the important role of organic agriculture in enabling the sustainable use of biodiversity to become a reality.
  • Explain how the intensification of biodiversity and ecosystem services based on organic knowledge, practices, systems and principles, provides affordable, equitable and resilient solutions for sustainably increasing the performance of small farms and bring degraded regions back into fertile production - naturally.

Key Activities:

  • IFOAM exhibition at UNCCD’s Land Day 3 on 23rdOctober organized to highlight the connections between biodiversity and desertification.
  • IFOAM poster session in conjunction with IFOAM member Green Foundation in the main CoP10 conference building from 25th to 29th October which coincides with the CoP10 high level ministerial segment.
  • IFOAM contribution to the TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) initiative which will feature strongly at CoP10. IFOAM was a contributing author to Chapter 9 (Certification and Labeling) of the TEEB report for local and regional policy makers. A case study featuring a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) initiative in India as a model for enabling the sustainable use of biodiversity is featured on an interactive TEEB map. The significance of the TEEB work is well explained herehere and here.
  • IFOAM is working with UNEP by contributing case studies to their Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity report for local policy makers that will be launched globally at the high profile CBD Conference in Japan in October 2010. 
  • IFOAM will be present in Nagoya to bring to the attention leaders the role of organic eco-intensification in protecting and enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services and optimizing productivity.