Louis Bromfield

"As soils are depleted, human health, vitality and intelligence go with them." 

"If what we already know were simply applied to all the agricultural land of the world and the problem of proper distribution were given consideration, the world could feed itself well."

Louis Bromfield (1896-1956) was born on a farm in the Eastern U.S.. He studied at Cornell Agricultural College and Columbia University, receiving honorary war degree in 1920. During World War I Bromfield joined the American Ambulance Corps and was decorated for his services. After the war he returned to the U.S. and published The Green Bay Tree. He then moved with his wife and daughter to a village north of Paris and devoted himself entirely to writing. In 1932 Bromfield visited India, and the journey inspired his most famous book, The Rains Came. One of the central themes in Bromfield's work is the contrast between the city and the country; he saw the farm as a refuge from the mechanized world.

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