Market Development

There are many steps involved in developing organic markets. The resources available on this page can help to facilitate the numerous aspects of market development, including:

  1. Building consumer awareness of the benefits of Organic Agriculture.
  2. Developing mechanisms (e.g. labels) enabling consumers to easily identify organic.
  3. Building consumer trust in the organic label and the guarantee system associated with it.
  4. Conducting market surveillance and fighting against fraud.

General resources on market development

Resources for consumer awareness campaigns

Resources on organic labels

Resources on building consumer trust in the guarantee system

Resources on market surveillance and fraud prevention

Information on market models

Virtual market places

This section provides links to several international virtual market places, which aim at facilitating contacts between importers and exporters of organic products.

  • is a virtual market place in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. It contains precise offers from both buyers and sellers of organic products, arranged by category of products (e.g. fruits and vegetables).
  • Ekowarehouse is a global B2B eMarketplace for certified green/organic/fair trade/ecolabel products & materials, connecting buyers and suppliers across the supply chain from farmers, producers and manufacturers to wholesalers, retailers and brand creators.

  • B2BIO is a global "b2b" trade portal specializing in the organic and biodynamic sector, based on sustainability and innovation.

  • Biolinked provides suppliers the tools necessary to reach wholesale buyers locally and globally & helps buyers find organic food products quickly and efficiently.