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Eco-Intensification on a Kenyan farm

There are 1 million ha of certified organic land in Africa and 580,000 certified producers, and this represents only a fraction of the overall organic production taking place on the continent.

In order to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing within and beyond the African (Ecological) Organic Movement, as well as accelerate the uptake of Organic Agriculture, the Africa Office of IFOAM – Organics International works with local training and coaching institutions in project implementation. 



  • Promoting Organic Agriculture among farmers groups, NGOs, governments and development organizations in Africa;
  • Providing reliable data on the development of the organic sector in Africa; and
  • Increasing acknowledgement of Organic Agriculture by competent authorities in the region.

The 40 African Members of IFOAM – Organics International and those of AfroNet, the umbrella of the African (Ecological) Organic Movement, play a key role in these endeavors.  


Markus Arbenz
Markus Arbenz
Executive Director & Interim Africa Coordinator
e-mail: m.arbenz [at]


From Kenya to South Africa, IFOAM, Organics International is involved.
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