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2015 Global PGS Survey

It is estimated that 250 PGS initiatives are established worldwide and 109,317 producers and processors are currently involved, out of which 46,945 are certified through PGS. 
PGS are spread over 72 countries; among these, 20 countries have both well-established and under development PGS, 33 countries have only PGS under development, and 19 countries count just operational PGS.




Discover the map

This global map is a tool to link consumers, buyers and traders, who are looking for organically produced food, with growers and processors that have chosen PGS as a way to certify their products. In addition, it will help IFOAM – Organics International to keep updated its database about PGS initiatives around the world. Discover the map here


Are you involved or aware of a PGS in a country that is not yet featured in the PGS Map above? 
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