SOAAN Structure

The Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network overarches three main Groups who are coordinated by a central Secretariat:

  • Action Network (SOAAN) - Organizations dedicated to spreading sustainable practices in agriculture and its related value chains, and who believe that organic principles and practices form the foundation of sustainable production and communities.
  • Steering Group - Each participating organization in the Network may have a seat in this group, which provides high-level strategic guidance and leadership, and helps to carry SOAAN's work through their own works and networks.
  • Core Group - This compact group of highly-skilled persons with relevant topical backgrounds and technical expertise in creating normative documents shoulders the primary responsibility for creating SOAAN's principal documents, which serve as the foundational tools for carrying out SOAAN's purpose.
  • Advisory Group - A broad collection of experts who have both knowledge and interests that cover the full range of organic and sustainability issues treated by SOAAN, these people provide primary feedback to the Core Group and Secretariat to inform and shape their work and the ensuing manifestation of SOAAN's impacts in the world.
  • Secretariat - Responsible for the coordination of all of SOAAN's groups, communications both internally and externally, and for providing the Core Group with technical structure and content on which to build its work.


You can find the SOAAN Terms of Reference here.


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