Sustainability Camp - November 2012 at the IFOAM Head Office in Bonn, Germany

From 23-26 November, 2012, IFOAM hosted a Sustainability Camp in Bonn, as part of the Bonn Sustainability Days event. The discussion rounds on sustainability were broken down into multiple expert workshops, keynote speeches and a field trip, before transitioning to a public discussion forum, where renowned international leaders of sustainability shared their practical experiences in close-up, personal meetings with participants. The forum culminated in a Declaration of the conclusions of these four days of exchange. 

The available results of this event are as follows:

Camp Program (overview)

Detailed Camp Program


Technical Track summary

Technical Track notes


Strategy Track summary

Strategy Track notes


Science Track summary

Science Track notes

Governance Track summary

presentation - Niggli - Organic and Sustainability

presentation - Montenegro - Guaranteeing Credibility


Camp Final Declaration




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