Nature et Progrès

Nature et Progrès is one of the oldest PGS in the world, functioning without discontinuity since 1972. This French association has from the beginning involved various stakeholders and pioneers of the organic movement, including farmers, consumers, agronomists, technicians and even medical doctors.

Today, Nature et Progrès still operates as a PGS, with its own private organic standard, its own certification procedures (involving peer review and consumers in the inspection process) but is not allowed to call its products “organic” (“biologique” in French) due to the third-party certification requirements of the EU regulation. The Nature et Progrès label is nevertheless recognized by many organic consumers, but organic shops are starting to refuse the N&P products, and younger generations are less aware of the history and values of N&P, leading many of the N&P producers to be also third-party certified so as to be able to access markets. 

For more information please visit the Nature et Progrès website.


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