Established in 2014, IFOAM Iran strives to advance the organic movement both in Iran and the surrounding region.

The network advocates for IFOAM objectives among governmental and non-governmental organizations in Iran, and represents members to the outside public and within IFOAM - Organics International.

Using IFOAM guidelines, IFOAM Iran provides local and regional training for organic actors, conducts capacity building at the national level in cooperation with the global organic movement, and fosters relationships between Iranian organic actors and their international counterparts. The IFOAM Iran organic standards and regulations are based on IFOAM norms. 

You can find past news from IFOAM Iran here.


Dr. Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Director

Regional Bodies of IFOAM - Organics International

Our Regional Bodies - regional initiatives working across topical areas to unite IFOAM affiliates in around the world.

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Sector Platforms

Our Sector Platforms - enhancing global representation of individual topics relevant to the entire organic movement.

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