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More than 800 Affiliates in more than 100 countries are at the heart of IFOAM - Organics International. Every three years they convene for a General Assembly to chart the strategic direction of the organization in a democratic manner. Affiliates also join official committees, working groups and task forces on topics like the development of standards or the facilitation of Organic Agriculture in developing countries.

Who is part of IFOAM - Organics International?

E-Directory 2017

The Membership Directory not only includes an individual listing of all Affiliates (Members, Associates, and Supporters), it also provides a brief description of our Regional Bodies and Sector Platforms

The directory is available in a PDF icon high-resolution version and also as a PDF iconquick download in lower quality.

For an online listing of our affiliates please click here.

Map OF IFOAM - Organics International Members

On our online map you can see how far our networks reach.

Map of affiliates


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