World Board

World Board of IFOAM - Organics International 2017 - 2020. From the left: Edith van Walsum (Netherlands), Karen Mapusua (Fiji), Peggy Miars (New President, USA), Hans Herren (Switzerland), Julia Lernoud (Argentina), Choitresh Kumar Ganguly (India), Jennifer Chang (South Korea), David Amudavi (Kenya), Gerold Rahmann (Germany)

Democratically elected by the membership of IFOAM - Organics International, this 10-member team is charged with overseeing and supporting our work growing the global organic marketplace, communicating the benefits of organic, training organic leaders and facilitating capacity-building for organic farmers. In short, the Board develops strategic recommendations that help IFOAM - Organics International further the mainstream adoption of organic practices.

The World Board of IFOAM