Project Objectives

The project goal was to contribute to the empowerment of organic smallholding family famers in Africa, Asia and Latin America and of their own international network (INOFO). The objective is for INOFO to have the institutional and personal capacity to support, monitor and represent their Organic Farmers Organizations (OFOs) so that they share knowledge, integrate in markets, lobby national frameworks and participate in international policy setting. More precisely, the outputs include:

  1. Mapping - The institutional and stakeholder landscape of organic farming is mapped in the target countries
  2. Institution and Capacity Building - The institutional performance of INOFO is improved, the Organic Farmers’ Organizations (OFOs) lobby their governments for the interest of their farmers and INOFO represents the organic farmers in international policy setting
  3. Sharing Farmers’ Knowledge - The OFOs are empowered through INOFO to share their successes for improving farmers’ incomes and livelihoods
  4. Facilitation to Market Access - The OFOs facilitate their farmers’ integration into markets

The project empowered organic farmers collectively and their leaders individually to represent their interest to national and international institutions and to support those in recognizing the genuine positions of the smallholding farmers.

IFAD-INOFO Capacity Building Program

One of the core activities was the IFAD-INOFO Capacity Building Program, targeted at representatives of organic farmers’ organizations (OFOs) in Africa, Latin America and Asia and at present and future organic farmer leaders. The program guided 40 particiapants through a two-year on the job capacity building process.

The English program was launched in July 2014 during a one-week training session in Bangalore, India. The Spanish program was launched in October 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. At the same venue during the same time, the English group proceeded with their second training session, enjoying some joint sessions with the Spanish group. The training was topped with the INOFO General Assembly on October 12 and the attendance of the Organic World Congress 2014, both held in Istanbul. The second training section of the Spanish program was held in March 2015 in Peru. The participants debated on topics such as Food Security and Sovereignty, Ancestral, Indigenous and Traditional Agriculture, Climate Change, Organic Markets and Guarantee Systems tailored by smallholders and Sustainable Livelihoods. They went on field visits and lived with Lamay Andean traditional peasant community.

To find out more about the Capacity Building Program you can read through the Call for Participants in English or Español.

To see more photos from the Capacity Building Program please click here for impressions from the India training sessionhere for impressions from the Turkey training session, and here for impressions from the Peru training session.

Read more about the training sessions in India and Turkey and about what IFAD-INOFO project participants have to say about the Capacity Building Program:
Impressions in English
Impresiónes en Español
Impressions en Français


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The IFAD-INOFO project Newsletter No. 12 (09-2015)

The INOFO Convenors Bulletin No. 11 (12-2014)
EnglishEspañolFrançaisINOFO General Assembly Register (in English)

The INOFO Convenors Bulletin No. 10 (04-2014)
English, Español, Français

donors and partners

Funded by IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), IFOAM implemented this project during a 3-year time period from 2013 to 2016, in collaboration with three local partners: NOGAMU (National Organic Agriculture Movement Uganda), OFAI (Organic Farming Association of India) and ANPE (Asociación Nacional de Productores Ecológicos del Perú).

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