CoP15 in Copenhagen

"High Sequestration, Low Emission, Food Secure Farming"

IFOAM actively lobbyied for Organic Agriculture at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) from December 7-18, 2009. 

Our activities there included:

* A side event under the title "Bio-sequestration vs. geo-sequestration (CCS) - Organic solutions to Climate Change and Food security" was held jointly with the World Future Council on Thursday, December 17. Due to the lockout imposed on observer organisations at the Bella Center, the event took place at the Action Aid Denmark head office in central Copenhagen.

* A press conference on High Sequestration, Low Emission, Food Secure Organic Farming was held on Tuesday, December 15.

* The Roundtable on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change, convened by FiBL, met for the first time on December 16.

* Throughout the conference, IFOAM was running a stand in the exhibition area, to provide a meeting point and a place for sharing information - specifically, our new set of publications - the IFOAM Guide on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change,the African Case Studies on Adaptation and the Collected Case Studies on Mitigation.

* In addition, the team of experts assembled by IFOAM for COP15 has provided policy advice to delegates at the conference on how to integrate Organic Agriculture into national action plans.

Copenhagen Commentary - Urs Niggli - IFOAM World Board Member 

We reported daily from the conference with short video updates and news posts.

Day 10: IFOAM's Side Event: 

Day 9: Demostration at the Bella Center-COP15 Venue and The Round Table on Organic Agriculture & Climate Change

Day 8: IFOAM Press Conference at COP 15

Day 7: Demonstration against Climate Change at the Klima Forum

Day 6: Urs Niggli, IFOAM World Board Member and FiBL Director, and Helmy Abouleish, SEKEM Managing Director talking about the progress of the negociations.

Day 5: Robert Jordan, IFOAMs Advocacy Manager, and Anne Laure Constantin, from the IATP, feedback of the parallel forum on agriculture.

Day 4: Souleymane Bassoum & Kristin Vala Ragnarsdóttir.

Day 3: Robert Jordan, IFOAMs Advocacy Manager, overview of the day.

Day 2: Anna Wissmann, IFOAMs Advocacy Coordinator, talks about the FARMERS meeting.

Day 1

Interview: Helmy Abouleish - SEKEM and Robert Jordan - IFOAM Advocacy Manager

IFOAM goals and mission at COP 15