Get a .bio Web Address

.bio - the new Internet Address for the Organic Community

With ‘.bio’, members of the organic community now have a dedicated internet online space. New ‘.bio’ web addresses facilitate an immediate recognition of organic sector participants and foster online trust between the public and professionals.

With the new ‘.bio’ internet address extension, web addresses ending in .bio, such as www. myfarm .bio or www. boutique .bio can be registered.

Why ‘.bio’?

IFOAM - Organics International chairs the Policy Advisory Committee of ‘.bio’ and has helped create a registration policy that reflects the principles of organic agriculture: every registrant of a ‘.bio’ web address must commit to respecting the principles of organic agriculture.

IFOAM - Organics International has supported ‘.bio’ since 2013 and shifted its website address to in 2014. The use of a ‘.bio’ web address allows us to clearly communicate our commitment to the organic principles.

Why your internet address is so important

Every internet address is linked to a Top-Level Domain (or TLD), the extension that follows the dot, such as .com or .uk. A domain name (or internet address) is the immediately visible part of an individual or organization’s online presence. It usually points to a website and allows the creation of e-mail addresses.

Until now, TLDs did not say much about you. This changed with the release of new TLDs in the year 2014. You can now branch out from .com and .net with ‘.bio’ and get a name that shows the world you are bio.

With a .bio web address you can:

  • Register the best internet address for your website and for your e-mail address.
  • Benefit from instant recognition of your membership in the organic food and farming community.
  • Use a generic name to increase your online visibility and attract new customers searching for ‘bio’ products.
  • Make your Facebook page easier to find. Rename it with a personalized address like
  • Enhance your .com or .org  website with a ‘.bio’ address. Shifting your existing internet address to ‘.bio’, you will make your website more recognizable. You can use your ‘.bio’ address as your only address or keep your existing one (two web addresses can point to the same website).
  • Break the boundaries of complex e-mail addresses and create a simple new email address in your ‘.bio’ domain name showing that you are ‘bio’.

Register your ‘.bio’ web address now!

The first step is to choose a name. It can be your organization name or your personal name, such as www. myfarm .bio or www. schmidt .bio: the possibilities are endless!
You can also brand your organization around a geographic area with an address like www. yourtown .bio.

The recommended retail registration price for one year is €49. - (tax excl.). Prices may vary between resellers and can include additional services such as email, web design, hosting, etc.

You can choose from over 60 authorized ‘.bio’ resellers to manage your registration. Below is a list of our preferred resellers, filtered by region:


Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific:

More information on .bio: