The IFOAM OGS Committees

The Organic Guarantee System and IFOAM-Organics International’s work on Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) operate with 4 committees listed below. The Terms of Reference for those various committees can be found on the OGS policies page.

The Standards Requirements Committee

The Standards Requirements Committee (SRC) works on the development of the IFOAM Standards Requirements (also known as COROS), which serve as a basis for the approval of standards under the IFOAM Family of Standards. The committee also reviews and advises on the approval of standards in the Family.

Current Members: Katherine Di Matteo, Roberto Setti, Brendan Hoare, Lara Vivas, and Jorge Casale

Last appointment: November 2016.


The IFOAM Standard Committee

The IFOAM Standard Committee (SC) works on the development of the IFOAM Standard, which is the global off-the-shelf certification standard maintained by IFOAM-Organics International for organic production and processing.  

Current Members: Reza Adakani, Stephen Barrow, Paul van den Berge, Mahesh Chander, Jan Deane, Sarah Hathway, Miles Mc Evoy, Dani Neifeld, and Dimistris Sotiropoulos. 

Last appointment: May 2018


The IFOAM Accreditation Requirements Committee

The IFOAM Accreditation Requirements Committee works on the development of the IFOAM Accreditation Requirements. These requirements serve as a basis for the IFOAM Accreditation.

Current Members: Raymond Yang, Dilip Dhaker, Amaia Aldana Gondra, David Eboku, Carlos Escobar, Arjon Kalter, Mildred Steidle, Roberto Setti


The Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) Committee

The PGS Committee assists the development of PGS, provides advice on how to develop, facilitate and encourage PGS around the world, participates in mid-term and long-term strategic planning for IFOAM’s activities on PGS and identifies and systemizes PGS concepts and tools appropriate for the facilitation and promotion of PGS. 

Current Members: Alice Varon (USA), Audrey Wainwright (South Africa), Chris May (New Zealand), Luiz Rebelatto (Brazil), Rowena Buena (Philippines) and Sylvaine Lemeilleur (France).

Learn more about the PGS Committee's Terms of Reference here

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