Statement of Candidacy

I grew up in a family where organic was the norm. We had an organic farm and a small organic home-delivery scheme. I understood from childhood that organic is not only food but the whole concept: respect for the environment, nature, people, the whole web of life.

Our company has been a member of IFOAM – Organics International for decades, so I grew up learning about the movement, the problems of small farmers, the dangers of genetic modification, among other key issues. While I was part of the retail sector, mainly in Buenos Aires, I had the chance to be in close contact with farmers and with consumers, listening to the needs of both sides of the counter and trying to strengthen that connection. In Argentina, I had the opportunity of organizing several times the presence of organic food in massive music festivals. Where once people only had fast food choices, now they had fresh, real food full of flavor and color at reasonable prices, showing that organic food can be for everybody.

In 2009, I had the opportunity of taking an internship at the IFOAM Head Office. This experience brought me closer to what was going on in the organic sector worldwide. I had the opportunity to support the coordination of IFOAM's participation at the COP15, the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, learning in action to spread ideas in the right place.

Since 2011, I have been working in the production of the statistical yearbook "The World of Organic Agriculture" at FiBL, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. This project has allowed me to be in contact with different actors from all around the world and to stay updated on the latest developments in the sector. In 2014, I came closer to other like-minded movements through a new project at FiBL, "The State of Sustainable Markets.” This gave me the chance to get to know these movements and to see where the organic movement can connect and what we could learn from them.

In all these years, I noticed that the young farmers and entrepreneurs weren't so involved in the global scene. That’s why with a group of young people from different places and backgrounds, we started a group called Young Organics,which aimed to connect young organic actors and to enhance knowledge transfer between generations.

I see IFOAM - Organics International as much more than an organization with members around the world. For me, it is the platform for the organic movement, a movement trying to create a better life not only for us but the whole of the planet. I see IFOAM - Organics International in all of its members – from the farmers caring for the growth of their tomatoes to the manufacturers aiming for the best tomato sauce, to the family enjoying a fully organic pasta, and the organizations working for all this to happen. I see myself as part of that community, of that movement.

I wish to help take the organic movement to the world, out of our comfort zone. I envision a movement that is strong, connected, reaching new places, and playing a major role in the complex world around us.

Background of candidate/ Resume

Julia Lernoud

Date of Birth:   December 22, 1987

Nationality:      Argentinian

Julia Lernoud is a Data and Information Manager of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL). For the last seven years, she has been working on the collection of organic market data worldwide and the production of the annual report “The World of Organic Agriculture”. Since 2014, she has been collecting key market data on Voluntary Sustainability Standards worldwide for FiBL, and producing the “The State of Sustainable Markets” report  in partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the State of Sustainability Initiatives (SSI). She grew up in her family’s organic farm and worked for six years at the family company, El Rincón Orgánico, an organic retailer, exporter and restaurant. Over the years, Julia did several internships in different organic organizations in Latin America and Europe.


  Spanish (mother tongue)
  English (fluent)

Position at FiBL (since 2014)

− Data and Information manager

Professional Experience
Since 2014: Data and Information Manager at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland

2011, 2012 and 2013: Communication intern at Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland

2009-2010: Program and advocacy intern at IFOAM – Organics International, Germany

2006-2012: Manager at El Rincón Orgánico, Argentina. Organic retailer, exporter and restaurant

Latest Publications

Willer, Helga and Lernoud, Julia (Eds.) (2017) The World of Organic Agriculture. Statistics and Emerging Trends 2017. FiBL-IFOAM Report. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International, Frick and Bonn.

Lernoud, Julia; Potts, Jason; Sampson, Gregory; Voora, Vivek; Willer, Helga and Wozniak, Joseph (2016) The State of Sustainable Markets - Statistics and Emerging Trends 2015.   International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland.

Willer, Helga, Diana Schaack, Julia Lernoud and Stephen Meredith (2016): Growth Trends in European Organic Food and Farming. In Meredith, Stephen

Helga Willer (2016): Organic in Europe - Prospects and Developments 2016. IFOAM EU and FiBL. Brussels and Frick.

For more information: www.fibl.org/en/team/lernoud-julia-en.html