Go Organic on World Health Day

Sylvia Kuria is a member of Kenya Organic Agriculture Network, one of our partners in the OTEA project

For the Sake of Your Health, Choose Organic!
It’s time to end the myth of safe pesticides! The costs our public health systems incur from industrial agriculture are ever increasing. According to a recent UN publication direct exposure to pesticides has been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, hormone disruption, developmental disorders and sterility.

Go Organic on World Health Day!
Organic farmers such as Sylvia work with nature to produce food with more healthy nutrients, less food additives and no harmful pesticides. When farming the land, they use diversification strategies such as intercropping techniques and crop rotation; giving the communities they feed greater access to a more diversified diet. In poor rural populations, organic subsistence agriculture can be considered “nutrition-sensitive” and play a major role in reducing malnutrition.

Choose organic to:

  • Reduce exposure to antibiotics and other animal drugs  usually contained in conventional animal products.  This, in turn, reduces the risk of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens - an increasingly serious issue in public health.
  • Safeguard the health of farmworkers by not exposing them to toxic chemicals when growing food.
  • Protect the environment from toxins that can contaminate ground water and endanger biodiversity.
  • Enjoy healthy nutritious food.

For the sake of public health, we call on governments to pass policies conducive to the growth of organics e.g. encouraging public kitchens to procure organic ingredients enabling greater access to good food.  

As consumers we can take action by buying from organic farmers such as Sylvia Kuria, an organic farmer in Kenya.  Find out in the video above why she has chosen to nourish the world, organically!

Help us make food and farming systems work for everyone by joining IFOAM – Organics International or making a donation.

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