IFOAM IRAN was established in 2014 with the objectives of:

  • pursuing the IFOAM's objectives among governmental and non-governmental organizations in Iran;
  • representing its members within IFOAM - Organics International;
  • representing its members to the outside;
  • carrying out capacity building and extension activities at the national level in cooperation with the international organic movement;
  • providing regional and local training programs for organic activists, based on IFOAM guidelines;
  • building up an international relationship between Iranian activists and international organic activists;
  • developing organic standards and regulations based on IFOAM norms; and
  • accelerating the organic movement not only in Iran, but also in the region.


Tehran Organic Week Festival

Iran Organic Association and IFOAM-IRAN in cooperation with Municipality of Tehran hosting “Tehran Organic Week Festival” in order to develop and promote production and marketing of organic products in Iran, 31 December 2016 - 6 January 2017. Mr. Thomas Cierpka on behalf of IFOAM- Organics International will participate in this event and present a lecture in the opening ceremony. Each day of the organic week named with specific topic related to organic food system program in order to increase public awareness and public knowledge for the benefits of consuming organic products and the visitors will attend in the workshops beside the fair.



"International Scientific Conference on Research and Innovation in Organic Agriculture” Scheduled on November 1st 2016 will be held in Isfahan- Iran. This conference will be a joint effort of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR) and IR. Azad University. Andre Leu the president of IFOAM, also invited as the key speaker in this event. The conference subjects will be on the following themes:

  • The importance of research based programs for developing organic agriculture
  • Introduction of ISOFAR and its roles in global organic movements
  • Ethical issues in organic agriculture as a comprehensive agroecosystems
  • Socioeconomic issues and market development of organic products
  • Scientific based and practical issues for organic plant production and animal husbandry

Please, notice that the registration deadline is October 21st 2016!

ISOFAR goes to Iran

Tehran Organic Week Festival 

In cooperation with Municipality of Tehran, Iran Organic Association and IFOAM-IRAN will host the Tehran Organic Week Festival in order to develop, promote production, and export of organic products in Iran.

The event will take place at Tehran, Boostan Goftego from the 19th - 25th December, 2015. 

For registration please click File tehran_organic_week_2015.docx

3rd International Conference on Trade and Market Development of Organic Products

third international conference on Trade and development of organic products


International Organic Conference in Tehran (May 2014)

                                                                  International Organic Conference in Tehran, May 2014


Dr. Mohammad Reza Ardakani, Director.
e-mail: info [at] iran.ifoam.bio