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IFOAM North America is the official self-organized regional body of IFOAM members in Canada, the United States, and the English-speaking Caribbean. Its mission is to educate the public, provide a forum to exchange ideas, and engage in North American-specific activities to advance organic agriculture and its principles, in partnership with IFOAM-Organics International and the global organic community. We seek to advance the landmarks of organic agriculture, including the Principles of Organic Agriculture and Organic 3.0.


After years of discussion and planning, IFOAM members in the region held an initial General Assembly in Baltimore on September 22, 2016. Board members were elected and the IFOAM NA Board held its first meeting in January 2017. Members were surveyed to find out what they wanted IFOAM NA to do and set priorities. Based on the results of the survey, the IFOAM NA Board prepared a Strategic Plan that was presented at the 2017 membership meeting. IFOAM NA was incorporated in the US as a separate legal entity in 2018.


IFOAM North America is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service. This is an important step towards fulfilling our mission and is expected to help with our ability to serve the public through programs that advance organic agriculture. Look for a greatly expanded program in 2019. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible charitable donation to IFOAM North America, please contact us at info [at] na.ifoam.bio or mail checks to PO Box 12256, Eugene, OR 97440.

IFOAM North America also has a Request for Proposals for a contract Executive Director. The RFP is open until a contract is signed.

IFOAM North America Membership Meeting and General Assembly  February 20, 2019, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

The organic community is warmly invited to attend the IFOAM North America Membership Meeting and General Assembly on February 20th, 2019. The  meeting will be held at the People’s Food Co-operative in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Members will be asked to participate in shaping the organization and elect new Board members for three open seats. You can review the agenda and read the Board Candidates' statements here.

Space is limited, so register today!


 IFOAM North America Board and Officers













President – Brian Baker – Brian is a researcher and consultant with over 30 years of experience working with organic farmers.

Vice President – Sarah Brown – Sarah is a small-scale organic farmer in Oregon, Education Director at Oregon Tilth.

Secretary – Jennifer Taylor – Jennifer is the grand-daughter of a sharecropper, an organic farmer who serves on the Board of the Organic Farmers Association and is Associate Professor and coordinator of Small Farm Programs at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical  University.

Treasurer – Leslie Zuck – Leslie is an organic farmer in Pennsylvania.

Dag Falck – Dag is the Organic Program Manager for Nature’s Path Foods, North America’s dedicated organic only, breakfast foods and snacks company.

Elizabeth Henderson – Elizabeth is an organic farmer, organizer of one of the earliest CSAs, on the Boards of Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York and the Agricultural Justice Project.

Shannon Jones – Shannon is a small-scale organic farmer in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Jeff Moyer – Jeff is the Executive Director of the Rodale Institute.

Bob Quinn – Bob is a large-scale organic farmer in Montana.



For questions and additional information please send your inquiry to info [at] na.ifoam.bio (subject: Inquiry) .

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