IAHA - Animal Husbandry Alliance

IAHA is an informal network of individuals and organizations interested in inspiring, supporting and strengthening the development of organic animal husbandry. It is the animal husbandry 'think tank' of the IFOAM - Organics International Action Group.


The General Assembly of IFOAM - Organics International in Korea in October 2011 recommended that animal husbandry be given more emphasis in IFOAM-Organics International through a worldwide platform to address animal health and welfare, breeding techniques, feeding (e.g. roughage versus concentrates) and related issues.

A group of interested individuals, supported by the IFOAM World Board, then began to organize and, at the end of November 2012, the IFOAM Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA) became approved by the IFOAM World Board.


IAHA allows IFOAM Affiliates to share organic animal husbandry knowledge, concerns, positions, and issues and integrate them into the work of IFOAM - Organics International and the organic movement. Its contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • Inputs for IFOAM norms developments and the position papers of IFOAM - Organics international;
  • Contributions to the advocacy of IFOAM - Organics International for organic livestock and livestock keepers;
  • Inputs for the stakeholders of the organic movement, e.g. national organizations, certification bodies, research institutions, communicators, policy setters etc.
  • Facilitation of learning for national organic sectors and actors that want to improve their organic animal husbandry development.
  • Recommendations and policies for  stakeholders of the organic movement, e.g. national organizations, certification bodies, research institutions, communicators, policy setters, etc. how to support and develop animal husbandry

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The General Assembly of IFOAM has acknowledged and accepted the New Dehli Declaration for Organic Animal Husbandry on the 13th of November 2017 in New Dehli, which summarises the conclusions from the IAHA Pre-Conference on the “Role of Livestock in Sustainable agriculture” on 6.-8. November 2017 in Ghaziabad, India.

Read here the New Delhi Declaration for Organic Animal Husbandry 


IAHA Organic Animal Husbandry Pre-Conference on 6-8 November 2017, Ghaziabad, India

On 7 and 8 November 2017, the pre-conference "Role of livestock in sustainable agriculture" took place as a preconference of the Organic World Congress (9-11 of Nov. 2017) in Dehli, India. More than 80 persons participated.

Co-organiser of this event were the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI), the National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF) in India, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI under ICAR), the Indian livestock development & ethno-veterinary group ANTHRA and IFOAM - Organics International.


Here you can download:

the proceedings of the Pre-Conference 2017 with more than 40 papers in different thematic sessions 

- the presentations of the key note speakers:

o Prof. Emeritius Donald M. Broom (University of Cambridge, UK): “Sustainability: the role of animal welfare and silvopastoral systems”

o Prof. Raymond Auerbach (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa): “Integrating sustainable and organic animal husbandry with efficient resource use in Africa”.

o Dr. Florian Leiber, (head of the animal research department at FiBL) gave a key note speech on “The sustainability dilemma in livestock feeding”

On 6th November 2017 a workshop on the use of Ayurveda and traditional medicinal plants for animal health was organised by Nitya Ghotge, supported with presentations from: 

- Angela Escosteguy (Brazil) 
- Dr. Marion Johnson (New Zealand)

A presentation on Veterinary Ayurveda – Theories and Practices from Dr Kumar S. K., Dr MNB Nair & Dr Punniamurthy N.  (TransDisciplinary University, India) can be downloaded here.

In this short summary report about the Pre-Conference and the medicinal plants for animal care more photos can be found.

Recommendations for development and research  for organic animal husbandry have been formulated and were discussed during the Pre-Conference and in a separate workshop at the Organic World Congress. 


IAHA Library

The final Position Paper Compatibility of Breeding techniques in Organic Systems has been accepted by the General Assembly of IFOAM in India on 12th of Nov. 2017. Although this is not a paper of IAHA it is of general interest, as the IFOAM position paper deals also with techniques for animal breeding. 




The IFOAM Animal Husbandry Conference, September 2012, in Hamburg

The inaugural meeting of what became the IAHA occurred during the IFOAM Animal Husbandry Conference, September 2012, in Hamburg. At the conference, a questionnaire was distributed to participants

to gather animal husbandry concerns in different parts of the world. See the results of the first IAHA questionnaire.


IAHA organized several activities during the 18th IFOAM Organic World Congress OWC in Istanbul, October 12-15 2014. Below IAHA Board members (from left to right): Chris Atkinson (UK), Mahesh Chander (India), Angela Escosteguy (Brazil), Otto Schmid (Switzerland) and François Labelle (Canada):

IAHA organized an OWC pre-conference on organic animal husbandry and a workshop session, where the focus was on drafting an International Action Plan for the development and strengthening of Organic Animal Husbandry from 2014-2017. The proceedings and outcomes of the IAHA Pre-conference and workshop session at OWC can be downloaded from here: 

Steering group

Otto Schmid ( Switzerland): otto.schmid [at] fibl.org

Angela Escosteguy (Brazil): angela [at] ibembrasil.org

Chris Atkinson (UK): catkinson [at] soilassociation.org

Mahesh Chander (India): mahesh64 [at] email.com

Muazzez Cömert Acar(Turkey): muazzezcomert35 [at] gmail.com

Marion Johnson (New Zealand): marion.johnson [at] actrix.co.nz

François Labelle (Canada): flabelle [at] valacta.com

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