Sir Albert Howard

"The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible." 

Sir Albert Howard (1873-1947) is often referred to as the father of modern Organic Agriculture. He noted the relationship between the rise and fall of civilisations and their agricultural practices.

In 1905, with his wife Gabrielle, he began work as an agricultural advisor in Indore India. There he observed the methods of cultivation adopted by the local farmers and peasants. It was there that he learned and began promoting composting methods that returned nutrients to the soil. 

He went on to document and develop organic farming techniques, and he spread his knowledge through the UK-based Soil Association, and the Rodale Institute in the U.S.. His 1940 book An Agricultural Testament is a classic organic farming text. His work influenced and inspired many farmers and agricultural scientists who furthered the organic movement, including Lady Eve Balfour and J.I. Rodale.

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