Food Nation’s Global Food Talk

Date & Time: 11 February - 09:00 CET

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Join us at Food Nation’s Global Food Talk as we discuss how to achieve high ambitions on organic agricultural land growth with high-level leaders from the Danish agriculture and food sector. Our World Board Member Paul Holmbeck will be representing our organisation.

The discussion will answer: How do we ensure enough safe, nutritious, and sustainable food for everyone while maintaining nature in balance, with organic production as a central contributor?


9:00 am CET: Welcome by Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation 

  • Keynote speech
    European Commission (TBC)
  • How to stimulate growth and transformation towards more organic production and consumption?
    Dialogue between Minister of food, agriculture and fisheries, Rasmus Prehn and Paul Holmbeck, World Board member at IFOAM Organics International
  • Going organic – what are the business drivers and actions?
    Dialogue between Kræn Østergaard Nielsen CEO at COOP and Hanne Søndergaard, CMO and EVP of Marketing, Innovation, Communication and Sustainability, Arla Foods

 10:15 am CET: Moderator closing remarks

According to the UN, the current rate of global biodiversity loss is estimated to be 1,000 times higher than the extinction that would occur naturally with agriculture as one of the biggest causes. Loss of biodiversity is a major threat to our ability to produce food, find fresh drinking water and adapt to a changing climate. We urgently need to restore balance in nature and ensure a sustainable global food system – and here, organic is part of the solution.

Several countries and regions around the world are setting ambitious targets to take organic production to the next level. For example, the European Union has set a goal of 25% of agricultural land under organic farming by 2030. Boosting organic production and consumption requires the attention and actions of all, from food producers to food supply chain stakeholders to food industries, retailers, and consumers to ensure transformative change.

The online Global Food Talk...

■    is a platform for a high-level conversation about food challenges and the knowledge and actions needed to solve them.

■    will inspire professional decision-makers at home and abroad with ideas and solutions to some of the most challenging issues within the global agriculture and food sectors. This time, the event will host in-depth conversations on how to develop organic consumption and production through new solutions and technologies, as well as new ways of working and good practices.

■    covers a target group of international decision-makers all over the world, such as political stakeholders, organisations and companies.