.bio & .organic - Internet Addresses for the Organic Community


The .BIO and .ORGANIC domain spaces have been established to give the organic movement and its global stakeholders an easily identifiable, unique and protected space on the Internet. The partnership between IFOAM - Organics International, and Afilias, the Registry supporting both domains, allows us to ensure that these online communities contribute to the movement’s goals and vision by guaranteeing that all content under the .BIO and .ORGANIC TLDs abide by the Principles of Organic Agriculture.

Afilias, in conjunction with IFOAM – Organics International, has developed domain name policies for both .ORGANIC and .BIO namespaces to ensure that any site not meeting the eligibility or content requirements can quickly be removed from the Internet following a review from Registry and IFOAM - Organics International teams.  If you feel a certain name violates these policies you can report the domain for review via an online form here.

Why Support Domain Names?

In keeping with its core values, IFOAM made the decision to lend its support to these domains in order to protect its affiliates, defend the interests of organic agriculture overall, and promote organic food and farming values. These new Internet extensions contribute to:

  • Increased clarity and transparency for the organic food and farming sector;
  • Greater online visibility for organic sector professionals;
  • A new and large inventory of short and memorable domain names;
  • A trusted marketplace to deliver online content and information.

Our partnership allows our organizations to work together to promote the use of .BIO and .ORGANIC as legitimate and preferred domain names for those who wish to identify themselves as wholly representing the organic community.

Why Your Internet Address is So Important

Traditional TLDs (like. COM or .ORG) were created for very technical and practical reasons, and were never expected to be used by more than a handful of people on an Internet much smaller than the one we know today.  With the introduction of more meaningful TLDs like .BIO and .ORGANIC, your web address can say so much more, both before, and after the “dot.”

With a .bio or .organic Web Address You Can:

  • Register the most descriptive and memorable internet address for your website and e-mail address.
  • Benefit from instant recognition of your membership in the organic food and farming community.
  • Use a keyword name, like erdbeere.bio or babyfood.organic, to increase your online visibility and attract new customers searching for ‘bio’ or ‘organic’ products.  The large availability of these new names allows you to own a category domain for an affordable price!
  • Help web visitors find the information they’re looking for quickly on your site. You can point browsers directly to your organic-specific products, a blog, or a page describing your product’s background, your partners, or how you give back to the community.
  • Utilize it for a marketing or advertising campaign. You can easily point the domain to a landing page, social media account, or micro-site.

Register Your Web Address Now!

You can find a list of retailers that offer the domains at domains.bio/find-registrar and get.organic/find-registrar. Prices vary between resellers and can include additional services such as email, web design, hosting, etc.