The Directory of Organic Certifiers is Live

The Organic Certifiers' Directory

The Organic Certifiers' Directory is a global database for third-party Certification Bodies. It displays detailed information on third-party certifiers such as, the countries where the certification bodies have offices and provide certification/inspection activities, the market approvals they have, the use of private labels (if any) and many others.  

The Directory's homepage

It also displays the standards used by the Certification Bodies and whether they offer additional services such as organic input approval, aquaculture certification, or certification to an IFOAM Accredited program. 

The focus of this Directory is on third-party certifiers only, and includes both private and public certification bodies. Other certification systems, such as Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), are not included. Comprehensive data on PGS initiatives is gathered by IFOAM – Organics International and displayed on its website in the form of a PGS Global Map

The aim of the Organic Certifiers' Directory is to help operators, governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, development cooperation agencies, projects coordinators and other interested parties easily identify certifiers which could offer them the required organic certification services in a given country.  

This global, comprehensive directory is a unique service that IFOAM - Organics International provides, since Grolink stopped producing the Organic Certification Directory in 2013

Joelle Katto-Andrighetto
Head of Policy & Guarantee at IFOAM – Organics International

The Directory is a free service that gives visibility to the certifiers and aims at increasing transparency in the sector. Additionally, it offers advertisement space that can be purchased by any organization or company wanting to advertise its products or services to the target audience, composed of organic market players.  

Originally, this Directory was published annually in The Organic Standard (TOS) from 2003 to 2013 under the name, “The Organic Certification Directory”. It was managed by Grolink, a Swedish consultancy agency. In 2013, the TOS database (with information on the Certification Bodies) was passed on to IFOAM – Organics International, with the hope it would take it over and publish the Directory.  

Since the Ministry of Agriculture of Forestry and Fisheries in Japan promotes overseas certified operators, the Directory will be of use to us in doing this more. Moreover IFOAM - Organics International is highly regarded globally, and we would like to join as members to have an experience and knowledge exchange

Organic Certification Organization Co. Ltd

If you are a third-party certification body and you are not included in this Directory, please contact us at: ogs@ifoam.bio. You can also use the same contact if you are interested in placing your advertisement in the Organic Certifiers' Directory.

IFOAM – Organics International has now published the Organic Certifiers' Directory. There are more than 100 Certification Bodies already on the directory whom you can already check out here

Check out the global database for third-party Certification Bodies


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