Enhancing Capacity and Collaboration at Our Refresher Training in Nigeria

IFOAM - Organics International is currently conducting a two-day refresher training in Abuja, Nigeria, under the Knowledge Centers for Organic Agriculture (KCOA) Project.

The primary objective of this refresher training is to reconvene the Master Trainers (MTs) and foster a sense of unity and community among them. It also aims to “refresh” the technical content and explain the training methodologies and how to deliver effective and successful training sessions. These efforts are intended to equip the MTs with the skills required to provide support for the multiplier training sessions and effectively train the multipliers. In total, the group comprises seven female and six male MTs

At a regional level, multipliers will be strengthened through the Training of Teams of Trainers/Facilitators (ToToT/F). This process will involve collaborative efforts in needs assessment, curriculum development, and training planning, all closely coordinated with the hub representatives. It will also take into consideration the specific situation of each regional hub.

The Organic Timeline in Nigeria

The training was conducted by Patricia Flores, the Senior Global Academy Manager at IFOAM, along with co-trainers: Dr Jude C. Obi, the Coordinator of KHWA; Ebere O’Peace, a Master Trainer and Journalist; and Flavia De Marchis, the IFOAM Project Coordinator for the KCOA Project.

During the training, Patricia Flores invited the attendees to reflect on which relevant events in their community should be part of the "Organic Timeline". Once they saw what was happening in other regions, they added their own input as seen below.

The KCOA Project is financed by BMZ, and mandated by GIZ, IFOAM, together with local partners, namely the Fédération Nationale pour l’Agriculture Biologique (FENAB) and the Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria (NOAN), organised and delivered a refresher training in the Knowledge Hub in Western Africa (KHWA), specifically in Abuja, Nigeria.

This training is one of two which will be delivered in the KHWA. The next training will be delivered in Senegal, in French, in the upcoming weeks.


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