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The international action day is back! On 14 September, organic and agroecological farmers around the world will take to social media to share their work, the challenges they face, and how we can support them. While #IGrowYourFood is a moment for farmers, everyone’s invited to the conversation⁠—and to help amplify their voices!

How can I take part?

Find out how you can contribute your voice for our #IGrowYourFood action day. Watch the video below:

    #IGrowYourFood Webinar - 18 August

    What we covered:

    • Details on how #IGrowYourFood works
    • A tutorial on how to film your video or use our photo tool to post your story
    • A step-by-step guide to what happens on 14 September 
    • Information on how you can connect with us to collaborate on this campaign
    • A Q&A with our #IGrowYourFood team and a farmer who has already taken part  

    It’s the first global action day celebrating the people who sustainably grow and handle our food. Organic and agroecological farmers and advocates take to social media to share the challenges they face, how we can support them, and why they choose organic.

    Inspired by the principles of organic agriculture of IFOAM – Organics International, the global action day started in 2019. Today, it’s a moment for sustainability advocates, policymakers, consumers, and like-minded organisations around the world to come together and hear directly from the people growing our food.

    By highlighting the work of sustainable and organic farmers, #IGrowYourFood shows how the choices we make at the supermarket directly impact livelihoods, natural resources, wildlife, and the climate crisis. It’s also an opportunity for organic farmers around the world to connect, exchange knowledge, and create new opportunities.

    On September 14, organic and agroecological farmers are invited to share videos, articles, or photo stories explaining why they #LuvOrganic on a designated day. Policymakers, organisations, advocates and citizens then amplify their messages, re-post their videos, and join the conversation on how organic can be a pathway to true sustainability.

    #IGrowYourFood works both ways. We support farmers in making their voices heard, triggering meaningful change, and farmers share real, first-hand experiences and arguments to help decisionmakers do the right thing.

    Anyone can join! Ahead of the action day, we’ll share the official #IGrowYourFood toolkit – complete with ready-to-post visuals, messages, and videos – so you’re fully equipped to join us. We also encourage you to post your own content and messages that are meaningful to you!

    An example of an #IGrowYourFood video

    Farmer holding a leaf
    From the Field

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