ISAN Magazine May 2024 Edition Released

IFOAM - Organics International is excited to announce the release of the May 2024 edition of the ISAN Magazine, a pivotal publication for the Southern African organic community. This issue fosters cross-learning and collaboration among farmers, manufacturers, researchers, and consumers within the SADC region. It features insightful articles on sustainable agriculture practices, policy updates, and innovative research. Contributions from all stakeholders are encouraged to help build a prosperous organic future in Southern Africa.

Highlights of the May edition include a deep dive into regenerative agriculture techniques that are revolutionizing farming in the region, case studies showcasing successful organic enterprises, and interviews with thought leaders in the organic movement. Additionally, the magazine covers the latest developments in organic certification processes and provides updates on policy changes affecting organic farming.

The May 2024 issue also features a special section on climate-resilient farming practices, emphasizing the importance of sustainable methods in combating climate change. Readers will find valuable resources, including guides on organic pest management and soil health improvement. The magazine aims to empower the organic community with knowledge and inspiration to drive positive change.

Read the latest issue here.