Join our virtual General Assembly after the #OWC2021

Following the Organic World Congress 2021, we will host our virtual General Assembly 2021, a great opportunity for member organisations to have a real impact on the organic movement, the strategy, and overall activities of IFOAM – Organics International.

The development of the pandemic worldwide has made us rethink the best way to gather together and discuss the future of our organisation. That's why we decided to hold the General Assembly 2021 virtually. Read the information below and consider joining us on September 13-14 September, 2021.   

Additionally, in preparation to the GA 2021, you can also read our most recent publications:

Annual Report World Board Term Report Organics In Action


Every three years, voting members, board representatives and staff of IFOAM – Organics International gather during our General Assembly (GA) to exchange ideas, discuss motions, elect the World Board and decide on the following Organic World Congress host. Outside of in-person GAs, members can also contribute their voice by electronic vote during Electronic General Assemblies (eGAs).

The GA is a great opportunity to see the truly democratic and participatory nature of our organization in action. 

GA Rules of Procedure

What happens at the GA?

  • Members discuss, amend and vote on motions they submitted
  • Members elect the new World Board for a three-year term
  • Members vote for the next OWC host city

Though our General Assembly is a public event and we encourage anyone interested to attend, not all can take an active part. 

Only Members of IFOAM - Organics International have the right to vote on presented Motions.

Associates of IFOAM - Organics International can contribute to the discussion but have no voting rights.                                       
Anyone, including those unaffiliated with the organisation, can attend the GA as an observer.

There are 23 candidates to the World Board 2021-24. Find out more about who they are, what they do, and read their candidacy statements below.  

Find out more here

If you have questions about the General Assembly 2021, contact us!