Join us on 25 September 2020 for the #IGrowYourFood Campaign

On 25 September 2020, we want to showcase the farmers who grow our food and the role they play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Help us by sharing stories far and wide!

There are many things that connect people the world over. Food is one of them. We all eat. And, everyone has the right to access affordable, nutritious, good food.

But what about those who grow our food? Do we know enough about the challenges they face, the work they do and how we can support them?

We organized #IGrowYourFood for the first time on 17 April 2019 and now plan to make it an annual event.  You can join by either sharing a video you already have using #IGrowYourFood or by making a new video. 

Not sure how to go about it? No worries, in the coming months we will provide a video tutorial with tips and tricks for filming and also host webinars to give further support.


Ideally videos should be no longer than 2 minutes and can be made either using smart phones or video cameras. They should feature sustainable, organic farmers talking about their work.

Here are some suggestions for storylines:

I grow your food and...

  • this is why I do it organically

  • this is why I think consumers should buy local, organic produce
  • this is why it is better for biodiversity and the environment
  • this is how organic farmers care for the soil

  • paying fair prices is important because

  • my message to policy-makers is
  • we are family farmers

More information coming soon! Meanwhile check out the videos from last year here.


This document has been produced with the financial contribution by the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA) through the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). The views herein shall not necessarily be taken to reflect the official opinion of SSNC or its donors.